Filling Out the Skeleton: Final Project Update

As I had hoped, I managed to successfully create and link all the image maps. Once my professor, Sharon Leon, told me how to configure the settings to allow for html editing, everything unfolded easily. In addition to getting the image maps up, I also added the Timeline JS timeline and Carta maps. I was also able to draft the launch page for the tour.

I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to collect liturgies from each tradition under study. I was not successful. As much as I’d like to include this information, I think I’ll wait. I still intend to provide the liturgies for the modern churches, but for the predecessors, I’m going to see if I have time after I finish the first draft to add it.

This coming week I’ll be finishing drafting all the text and images of the website. The homepage needs better organization and images. Both the Timeline and Maps pages need explanatory text. The traditions pages all need text. The story pages need forms and entries. Once all that is finished, I’ll work out a banner. This seems like a pretty tall order, but as a substitute teacher I get next week off for Spring Break.

By next week I should have a completed first draft of the website.  Once I have the first draft up, I’ll be considering ways to add public engagement into the rest of the website. My thoughts at this point is to add a questions form for each part of the tour, and a place to leave interpretations in a comment form. Things are coming together!

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