Working Through Design

After story boarding and thinking through what kind of content I want on my website, I’ve started to build. I knew this would take some time, and thus far I was not mistaken. I am familiar with HTML, but far from a master.

My grand plan for the user interface was to have large images maps in which users clicked on interesting elements to learn more about them. I envisioned that a smaller window would pop up with my Omeka artifact entries, and that same window would repopulate with the new links. When I proposed the idea, I knew I had no idea how to accomplish such an interface.

The first thing I had to do was find an image of Dura Europos’ Baptistery interior. I found an image of the font and north wall, but nothing with the south wall. Already I have to figure out how to represent object not visible in the main photograph. I decided to delay those decisions and move on to my next task: learning how to make an image map.

Learning to code an image map wasn’t particularly hard. made the process really easy. I had an image map of Dura Europos in a few minutes. Now I had to figure out how best to link the elements of the image map to the descriptive content.

Coding for a tab with taget=”_blank” was easy enough. But I want to use Word Press since I already know how to manipulate the pages to look and behave how I want. So, now I’ve got to figure out how to link two websites so my users don’t get confused. Even if I could code for a new window (which is apparently impossible), users would start in one site and end up in another. So, clearly, I have to build the entire site either in Omeka or WordPress. With Omeka I can use the content I’ve already created. WordPress would give me the comfort of an admin interface I’m already comfortable with. At this point I’m going to try to use Omeka. I’m taking this course to learn new things, right?

By next week, I should have the skeleton of the site up. I’ll need to get the main pages set up and the navigation worked out. So, next time I write I should have a skeletal Home, Timeline, Baptisteries, Traditions, Stories and About Pages set up. So, a page a day. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have figured out how to get Omeka to behave the way I want.

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