An Attempt at Annontating an Oral History Recording

For my Digital Public History class I was assigned to annotate an oral history interview with OHMS. I didn’t have one of my own, as I found one on YouTube. At first I wanted to annotate a baptism story, but they typically weren’t long enough and functioned as witnesses to Christ’s saving power, rather than witnesses to historic traditions of baptism. Since I knew I’d have to listen to the audio over and over again, I wanted to find something I’d at least enjoy. So I thought I’d find oral history about nuns. In my experience they’ve been given a bad wrap as mean school teacher and have been some of the nicest, loveliest people I know. I stumbled upon “Sister Stories“, an oral history project across Catholic campuses to collect the vocation stories of nuns.

Having known a few nuns and being familiar with Catholic terminology made this interview fairly easy to annotate. Although Sister Nolan never says the phrase “Vatican II”, many of the reforms she talks about are the result of that council. I’ll let you be the judge of how well I did:

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